Monday, July 11, 2011

Stop. And LIVE.

I’ve been MIA for awhile primarily because of my 9-5 (better known as my on call 24/7 job) … and on top of that life has just been busy. Over the past two weeks some big changes have happened in the lives of people I’m close to … one of my best friends got engaged and another close friend lost his mom …

Both are reminders of how precious life is, how valuable friendships and family are … and how quickly it can all be taken away.  I grabbed drinks on Friday night with some friends and we chatted about how losing someone makes you question the way in which you live your life and how we stress about the things that in hindsight really don't matter. We all felt we could do better and stop stressing about the unimportant, stop shortchanging experiences and opportunities and live better.

These ideas have been reoccurring for me … I call it my quarter life crisis (25 is slowly creeping up on me) … but I have come to realize that they’re inevitable and healthy. I’m not perfect and I’d rather struggle then be complacent because that’s when I learn the most about myself and challenge my integrity. It's still easy to get caught up in the mundane (bills, bosses, etc.) but I've gotta deal with the crap because it's quite simply part of life...what matters is how well I can stop allowing the crap overwhelm me, find the time to make memories, do what is important to me with people that matter and just simply, live.

.... and this brings me to the quote/saying below. LOVE it.

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  1. Your blog is starting my day/weekend off right!!! I love you Laur! :)