Monday, July 18, 2011

What iLOVE Now - Summer Fashion

Colored Denim

I love this trend for summer … I personally have way too many black and white tops and colored denim jeans and shorts really help switch up my wardrobe with minimal effort. I’m especially loving this look by Nicky Hilton in JBrand skinny purple jeans… perfect for day with flats and for night with a great pair of heels.

Season-less Jewelry
I absolutely love jewelry! Delicate everyday pieces to chunky statement pieces can transform my look in a snap...but I hate when a piece falls out of trend and I have to switch it up from season to season because quite honestly i'm on a budget and jewelry can add up! For this reason I love these key pieces from Stella & Dot...they can carry me from Spring to Summer to Fall.
(It’s pretty obvi that I’m obsessed with gold – but they have so many versatile pieces in silver.. check out their website!)

I especially love the layered bracelet trend with a combination of the following...alone or together they add character to any outfit and dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans in a pinch, day and night.

My 2006 Bulga Bag

I used to work at a super trendy denim boutique in Santa Barbara (RIP Blue Bee Jeans). Twice a year we had an amazing sale and us employees snagged amazing finds at 70% off and this bag was one of mine. I found it stuffed away in my closet a few weeks ago and don’t intend on hanging it back up for a long time. I love, love the color and how it adds pop to any every-day outfit. I’m on the look out for an amazing black bag for fall… until then I’ll be sporting my bargain find designer bag.

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