Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I LOVE ...

June has been a crazy month and i've felt myself tinker off and 'lose my balance' with work, family parties, trips, chores and the unexpected (namely our tv breaking on us out of nowhere ...hello target and a late night of entertainment system + tv assembly). When it gets crazy like this I really try to find a bit of time every day (even 5 minutes) to focus on myself with no distractions. With that in mind, this is what I'm loving right now ...

1. Pilates SPX  at Pilates Plus Montrose - Well, I ALWAYS LOVE this workout ... it's been my staple 2 times per week for the last year and I seriously cannot get enough of it. In 40 minutes this workout helps to burn off the martinis from the weekend & the stress from work all while working my muscles to exhaustion ...  It's AH-MAZING. My favorite stress reliever.

2. Retail Therapy - I'm on a budget but I don't think that gives me reason enough to omit shopping altogether (sorry babe ...let's be real ) so I LOVE websites like HauteLook which allows me to find great designer clothes at amazing prices (Including the cute Matty M floral print dress in the photo below - 1/2 off!). If you're not signed up to receive HauteLook's daily e-mails,  it's an absolute must & ASAP - don't miss out on great deals for yourself, the men, friends & kids in your life ... heck, they even have cute items for decorating your home, beauty products and amazing deals on hotels everywhere.

Jacob's Baptism

3. My Family - They're seriously my everything ... especially the 3 little men in my life: Gavin, Michael and Jacob. No matter how frazzled or exhausted I am my family is #1 and those three boys light up my life instantly.

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